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OOC Post: Important! Please read!

It's all about teamwork, yo.

It would appear that recently we have been having some major problems with organization. Some people have complained that we aren't roleplaying together anymore so much as we're just moving one another's characters about by way of posting and then waiting for others to react in their own posts. And then reacting to their reactions. And so on, and so forth. (To be fair, others have hinted to me that I have done this.)

This is my first RPG so I didn't actually realize we were supposed to do most of this stuff in chatrooms, and then post the logs after transmogrifying them into, well, 3rd person in the past tense, or what have you. Full sentences. Anyways.

I think it would be best for people to post here and discuss:

1) Any ideas they have for future storylines
2) their AIM if they have taken a character recently but it has not yet been listed on the main page, and
3) when they will be able to meet to roleplay in chat logs properly (please add in time zones--Eastern, Western, Pacific time, or at least the city and country you're in so we can figure it out)

Hopefully this will promote a more felicitous feeling of companionship and co-operation amongst our ranks.

Oh, and one more thing. Would anyone like to be either Shinpachi or Heisuke? It feels sort of odd playing both.

So, please, reply!!

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Hmm, you're right, come to think about it. I'm really new here, so I have no idea as to the relationships between the people...I mean, all I know so far is that Heisuke has the hots for Tetsu, and Tetsu...well, he's just a kid... So I really have no idea what to do, actually, LOL. :)
Oh, and my AIM is jessicaserenity. Feel free to add me! I'd really like to discuss plot lines too...
*Rubs eyes sleepily* Meow... starfire017
AIM: HaruharaHamachi
TImezone: Pacific
oh i forgot to say! i play Sano XD
so whos taken now? because im going to change the userinfo and whatnot. I probably wont be rping in chatrooms, just because i dont like it and saitou isnt really an important part of pmk, anyways. hes filler, for what i can see. Mmm.. I can go back to being hiji if you want, because whoever was going to play him obviously isnt, unless someone else can find a new one, because hes very important to the storyline.
Tetsunosuke's taken, though. I'm playing him. :)
Play with me Hijikata-san!

[OOC: Why does that sound naughty?]
Wai, wai, wai.

We want our Hiji back. (No pressure though, if you just want to be Saitou....)

I'm Kondou and the incredible double-headed Heipachi, (but I really want some other people to be either Heisuke or Shinpachi... I'm er, filling in until someone else comes along?)
My AIM is muumuued and I'll probably be on most of the time.... around 5:00 PM EST.